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Key Stage 3

“The curriculum is a strength of the school, (it) meets all requirements” (Ofsted 2013)
At Turton we offer a broad and balanced curriculum for all students. At Key Stage three (years 7 to 9) all students follow the national curriculum subjects of Maths, English and Science (3 hours each per week), PE, Computer Sciences, Faith and Ethics, Performing Arts, Music and Art (1 hour each per week), Opening Minds (between 1 and 3 hours per week), French or Spanish (2 hours per week), History, Geography and Design Technology (1.5 hours each per week).

In addition some students study both languages from year onwards and some students have vocational learning lessons. Small groups are run by student support when needed.

Below are our departmental curriculum maps so you can keep track of what your child will be studying. Remember to check our VLE where information and resources are regularly added by teachers.

In Year 7 students in T band learn Spanish and those in S band learn French. Students with a particular aptitude and interest in languages will be able to study a second language later on.

Curriculum Information Booklet

Education is a genuine partnership between parents, students and staff in school. As actively involved parents you need to have the information to understand what is happening in school on a daily basis and the booklet below will help you to do that. We hope that this handbook, coupled with the meeting for parents, will provide you with the information you need. Please forgive us if any of this information is stating the obvious or if you already know things because of having an older child in school. Equally, if there is more that you want to know, please do not hesitate to get in touch .

Curriculum Information Booklet.pdf

Year 9 Options Booklet

Our year 9 options booklet, available to download here contains important dates and information about the options process including course selection and parent evenings. Also, see this article on how important GCSE choices are when it comes to university.

Virtual Learning Environment

You can find learning resources realted to each of these subjects on our VLE. Here, staff will add helpful material to enable continued learning outside the classroom.

Turton VLE