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Parking at School Events

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Dear parent/visitor

On behalf of the school’s neighbours and local residents, may we ask for your consideration and co-operation firstly, with parking when attending school events and secondly, with dropping off and picking up children at the beginning and end of the day.

Firstly, residents on Birtenshaw Crescent and Montrose Drive have been upset by vehicles parked in front of their houses, sometimes blocking their drives for access and sometimes preventing emergency service vehicles and refuse collections from getting down their streets. Your consideration here will be very much appreciated.

Secondly, may we remind parents and grandparents of the following do’s’ and ‘don’ts’, which will make everyone’s life easier and safer at either end of the school day:

Please do!
• Do encourage children to walk to school.
• Do use the Chapeltown Road car park with its separate entrance and exit to drop children off safely before 8.40 am or after 3.15 pm, if and when you do need to drop off or collect by car.
• Do everything you can to avoid congestion on the school site and surrounding area.

Please don’t!
• Don’t use the Bromley Cross Road car park with its single entry/exit point. This is for staff and special transport for our wheelchair users, not for drop off or pick up at the beginning or end of the day.
• Don’t park on double yellow lines (e.g. on Bromley Cross Road) to drop off or pick up.
• Don’t block the nearby streets, especially Birtenshaw Crescent and Montrose Drive at these times.

We appreciate how congested the local roads are and everyone’s desire to keep their children safe and we are sympathetic. However, we also represent the local community and we would really appreciate your consideration for their needs too.

With thanks.

The Governors of Turton School